Find. Explore. Experience. Relax.

Indigo 1

Find. Explore. Experience. Relax.

The mantra of Indigo Fields, the country house and spa based in the heart of the Natal Midlands. My mom treated us each to a full day package a few months back, and since I am heading home to Natal at the end of the week the thought of being able to spend time with my mom again brought back the wonderful memories of our day at Indigo Fields.

I thought I should share our experience with you. It was a little tough to remember to take photos while you were wrapped up in a fluffy white gown being transported to bomas hidden in the bush with your next treatment awaiting you.

Indigo 11

Indigo 10Indigo 3We were greeted by this cute little courtyard where we were quickly ushered out of the cold and into a private room for the first item on our itinerary – breakfast. Champagne, orange juice, the works.

Indigo 9

After a lazy breakfast next to a roaring fire, we moved into the chalet we had been given for the day. There we got into our luxurious bath robes and donned our ponchos to keep ourselves extra warm. We had a little pup come say hello too, a sweet little thing and an extra cuddle-lover to ensure we were indeed warm enough before we set off to our first treatment of the day.


After our initial foot scrub we went on to a full body scrub and a session in the sauna. We cooled off with another glass of champers before settling down to soak in the hot tub. What a treat of a morning!

 Indigo 5Indigo 2
After our lunch in the wine cellar, we were loaded into a land cruiser to be driven away from the main house and down into the bush. We were dropped off at a tiny hidden boma, no neighbours, no noise, just you and your therapists. We enjoyed a facial and indian head massage before hopping into the cruiser again for another drive to the next boma which was even more secluded than the last. This time we were tucked away next to a stream with a mini waterfall showcased against the entrance. There a roaring fire had heated up the room and welcomed us to our last treatment – a full body massage. How a person resists sleep during such pampering I would not know!

Indigo 6


 Indigo 7

 Before leaving, we took a browse through the Organic Shop attached to reception. It was filled with little luxuries to take home with you; Victorian Garden products (an organic skin care range my mother and I have been using for close to 10 years), bath fizz balls and oils, biscotti and even some home decor pieces. One couldn’t leave without picking up a few trinkets to remember our day with.

We had a beautiful day spent in the Midlands. It’s not a regular treat for my mother and I, but a special day put aside for something worth celebrating and the time that would be most cherished together. I think we may have started a tradition. In fact, I already have the next date in mind!

Indigo 4

What are the special things you love doing with your mother?

Find. Explore. Experience. Relax.

Let the adventures begin.

Tomorrow Tim and I head off on another adventure.


We’re heading to Zimbabwe to meet up with his brother and parents, and join them for a fishing trip along the Zambezi river. Our camp is right on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, to the point that you can’t fish on the other side of the river as you’re in Zambian territory.

We’re so very excited! We’ve been looking forward to this trip for months.

We spent just under a month in Zim over december, which you can read about here. I loved my first encounter with the country and am happy to be exploring more of it. It’s a friendly, raw and wildly beautiful country; a place rich in adventure whether you want it or not.

I have no doubt there will be many stories to tell on our return. So until then…


Let the adventures begin.

The Quest to Kaba.

Today I feel inspired. It’s a sunny winter morning, a Sunday. The weavers, mousebirds and doves are out in full force in my little garden, taking advantage of the free seed and the company of my gossiping finches that live in my lounge.

There is very little expected of me today so I am enjoying a cup of cranberry tea and the latest Elle Decoration magazine. It’s a delightful treat to be taking the day so slowly. I find it is allowing me to truly appreciate the beauty of my life in this season. To appreciate the blessings. To refuel a lust for life.

Anyway, I’m rambling. My plan for this post was to share with you all a few pictures of a recent trip (ok it was a few months ago now but you’re used to my delayed updates) to Kaba Valley. Tim was facilitating a business course at Quest Africa, a gap year program for young men, and I was fortunate enough to be able to visit for a weekend.


1_effectedA day at Kaba Game and Beef. A quiet reserve on the outskirts of Alexandria in the Kaba Valley. Roaming game found against the unique backdrop of green mountains, enormous sand dunes and the stretching ocean waters. A retreat for the soul. A chance to relax. A chance to connect with the beauty of creation.

2_effectedWe treated ourselves to an drive on Sunday morning before breakfast to see what animals we could find and to indulge in the gorgeous views.











15_effectedI loved my weekend at Kaba. The beauty felt decadent. That might have just been my heart’s bias; it was a retreat from the rush and demands of routine. But it was more than that.The grandeur of the scene displayed before us, of the hills rolling into even bigger dunes before giving way to the sea, has a way of making you feel so small. I mean that in a good way. An action of realigning your priorities. It reminds you that there is something so much more important than yourself, something worth more glory than we could ever give.

To me that can only ever be God.


You can view their website here if interested in exploring the Kaba Valley for yourself.

The Quest to Kaba.

An Anniversary Adventure.

 A train ride into the country side. A picnic basket. A sunny autumns day. The perfect three ingredients for an anniversary adventure.


Tim and I took a trip on an old steam train from Kloof through the rolling hills of the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands to the quaint Inchanga Station. We hiked up a small hill, found a secluded spot and plonked ourselves down for a midmorning snack.


It was a different sort of adventure for us. One might be wary of the chance of it being a rather lame tourist trap, but in fact it was a lot of fun. It offered us a new way to explore the country side of my home area; slowly meandering along the old main travel routes from a couple of decades back.


Did you see the horses? Beautiful to see a herd galloping across the horizon.

There is a small farmers market at the Inchanga Station where one can fill up with delicious coffee from Assagay Coffee or an assortment of home made snacks and sweets, and browse through the stalls of local artworks and crafts. There is also the Inchanga Museum to explore and its tea garden for those who prefer buffet breakfasts.


We thoroughly enjoyed our day trip and would recommend it to everyone – from families with small kids, an outing of friends or cocktails with the loved one (yes they occasionally do a sundowner train!) it’s a unique and exciting activity in KZN. Plus, the train is completely run by volunteers making the entire experience that much more intimate – the guys who work the train have such passion.

You can find their information here if you’re tempted.

An Anniversary Adventure.

Maintaining the fences.

I’m a person who has a tendency to be a ‘yes man’ and that is not a good thing and I know it. I’m trying to change. Sometimes I need a little more help than usual to say no and often I find myself feeling bad about wanting to implement boundaries; but I am coming to learn that healthy boundaries end up blessing relationships rather than hindering them.

On that note I read something a little while ago which came as a welcome reminder about the importance of maintaining healthy boundaries and I would love to share it all with you.

Let me know what you think!

“If you don’t learn to set boundaries in your life, other people will superimpose their priorities and values on you…These people mean well [often]..but it takes it toll on you and soon you find yourself exhausted; not wanting to be around people. So you finally learn to set boundaries and risk being misunderstood. But it’s better to be misunderstood and fruitful, than to be burnt out, broke down and useless.”

Kris Vallotton


Maintaining the fences.